online poker in 2015 - U.S. poker sites in 2015

casino dice gamesUpdated In April, 2018 - With 2015 right around the corner I wanted to make a guide to online poker in 2015. As of right now it is just predictions and such regarding online poker in 2015. Several states in the USA have legalized and regulated online poker for real money in 2014 but there are expected to be many more USA states with legal poker by 2015. The best US poker sites in 2015 will probably be the same as the best US poker sites in 2014. The licensed online poker rooms accepting USA players in 2015 will not have enough traffic to compete with the offshore USA friendly poker rooms like Bet Online Poker and Full Flush Poker. There are currently half a dozen licensed US poker rooms in 2014 and they typically have less than 1,000 peak players. These legal US poker sites in 2015 will likely have higher traffic but not so much as to make them better to play at than the big US rooms like the two mentioned above, which have tens of thousands of players at any given time. Online poker laws in 2015 will not just be changing in the USA. Most Asian and European countries already have regulated online poker rooms but many of the holdouts are expected to have regulated poker sites online in 2015. Millions of Americans will play poker online for real money in 2015, just like they do now. Online casinos in 2015 and online bingo in 2015 will likely see just as much growth as the poker sector. Most industry experts predict full federal regulation of real money online poker in the USA in 2015. Until that happens the top online poker sites for US players will continue to be the offshore rooms, which are simply much larger and provide a better experience. The licensed rooms like Ultimate Poker only have a few dozen tables at any given time and the software has been known to deal the same exact card twice per hand. American poker players in both 2014 and 2015 will play at the proven and popular rooms like Betonline Poker. Carbon Poker, FullFlush Poker, Pokerhost and several others. All of these rooms - except - will have been online for 10-15 years by 2015. There are over 100 other USA poker rooms right now but the USA friendly rooms listed below are the fastest paying and most popular rooms. Use our link for special bonuses in 2014 and 2015.

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online poker in 2015 - US poker sites in 2015

The World Series of Poker set a new milestone in 2014, with the main event attracting more players than in any of the previous four years. It was a giant leap forward, after a couple of years of steady decline, which clearly suggests that both live and online poker is definitely on the mend. The number of poker players is on the rise and many of them make the transition between one type of poker to the other with relative ease, being just as competitive in live tournaments and over the Internet. Poker in 2015 is going to get even more adepts and most of them are expected to choose online poker rooms instead of venturing into brick-and-mortar casinos. In the United States, the interest for Texas hold'em, Omaha and other versions of poker remains high despite unfavorable legislation. The good news is that the public opinion has shifted and players have strong supporters in their never-ending quest to legalize online poker. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have already passed favorable laws and state residents can enjoy the benefits of playing poker over the Internet. Party Poker has returned to the Garden State and it runs a very successful online venture, with New Jersey being the promoter of interstate compacts. One year ago, this sounded like wishful thinking, but the three aforementioned states are now contemplating the possibility of unifying their online poker markets.

This is not the only poker company interested in conquering the US market, with PokerStars planning to make a sensational comeback next year. They are already dominating the poker industry on a worldwide scale and used to be the top player in the United States, before the UIGEA. For the time being, their attempts at establishing a foothold in New Jersey by acquiring Atlantic City casinos fell flat, but these guys are relentless.

When thinking about real money Internet poker in 2015, Americans living in Illinois, Texas or California have good reasons to be optimistic. While these three states are yet to pass laws similar to what New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada governors have sanctioned, they are clearly on the right track. The public sentiment is favorable to legalizing online poker and the benefits of boosting state coffers with poker generated revenue are too numerous to ignore.

There are already US poker rooms operating right now and they provide their members with a broad choice of games. The best ones such as Bet Online Poker or SportsBetting Poker are already offering fast and reliable payment, with both deposits and withdrawals being blazing fast. Competition is a good thing for any society and the poker industry makes no exception, so if the optimistic forecast for 2015 comes true, players should be the main beneficiaries.